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Marketing Like God​

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Developing & Implementing a Biblical Marketing Strategy for Church Growth

About the Author

“Come, follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people.” - Jesus (Matthew 4:19)


In 1993 I entered the field of secular advertising sales. I worked my way up to top salesman, sales manager, sales trainer, and finally CEO. I ate, drank, and slept advertising. I read books, took classes, listened to tapes, and honed my skills. I learned the secret to success: “Make enough people around you successful and you will be successful.” I made myself and my clients a great deal of money.

I was at the top of my game in 2003, when I did something most would consider crazy: I walked away from it all and moved my family to the Gulf Coast of Florida to reconnect with my wife and get closer to my children. I started a small advertising agency, got involved with a local church, and began to teach Sunday School with my wite Lisa. I built real relationships with some of the most genuine people I have ever met.

In 2006, through a series of God closing doors that I thought were for me, I was left without a job. That’s when God took me from a fisherman, to a fisher of men.

I was given stewardship over a handful of churches. What my bother Bill called his “five small barley loaves and two small fish."  With my passion for marketing, and the passion to do something great for God’s Kingdom, I was able to take that seed and grow it into a church marketing company that has helped the church learn how to attract the unchurched and draw the formerly churched back to God's House. To date we have worked with thousands of churches to send out over 100 million invitations in local communities around the United States inviting them to local churches.

My hope is this book will help you and your church effectively reach your community and grow your congregation.

John Squiric

About the Author

About the Book

As Christians, we choose to view life through the lens of God’s inspired Word, which is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness. The Bible is (or should be) the basis and foundation for all decisions made by pastors, church leaders, and everyone seeking to follow Jesus. A biblical worldview informs our parenting and relationship decisions, as well as our business and ethical decisions. And yes, it should also inform our church marketing decisions.


This book is not about lofty ideas. It is not about overpriced branding packages, or the “next new thing” in church marketing. It is not about elaborate marketing plans that are impossible to follow. It is about being real as a church and reaching out to people right where they are to show them the value the local church can have in their lives and in their families. This book relies on proven and effective biblical marketing strategies.

This book will help you and your church.


  • Identify a solid definition of what exactly church marketing is, based on biblical principles.

  • Show how God and others used these biblical marketing to accomplish their goals and grow the church.

  • Define God's 4 step marketing technique used in Exodus, that is still used by advertising agencies today.

  • Develop and implement a biblically based marketing strategy to grow the church.

  • Implement proven biblical marketing principles no matter what type of marketing vehicle you choose.

The answer to how to market and grow your church was given almost 2,000 years ago. While the tools and vehicles to accomplish it may change over time, the principles remain the same.

About te Book
What Other's Have to Say About "Marketing Like God"

A Marketing Bible for Churches

A “must” manual for every church community that wants to recover from the Covid lockdown. How will we fill our churches again? This book offers step by step guidance on how to get local church communities vibrant again. Prayers may help, but sound, biblical based marketing tools, will be vital.

Anthony O'Donovan

Want to reach your community? 

Don’t let the word “marketing” scare you away. This book is all about equipping church leaders with the tools they need to effectively spread the Gospel and connect with their community. John Squiric is an expert in church marketing... it’s what he has devoted the majority of his life to. This is his playbook, developed over the years, with all of the tools, strategies, and insights he has learned. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have already begun implementing some of his recommendations. If you are debating whether to buy the book, just do it.

Timothy Neptune

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